Gardens assisted living nears opening, hires staff

Though the building has been finished for some time, Lakeview Gardens assisted living facility is striving for an opening date to begin housing residents.

Lake Health District’s Lakeview Gardens gets closer and closer to opening its final building, the assisted living center, otherwise known as the Lily House. 

Difficulties in hiring have set back opening the facility, but administration is confident that the staff will fill up in the near future. According to Asst. Admin. Larry Coulter, six people are currently being trained with the goal of 17 hired staff needed to open the building. “We are getting closer,” said Coulter, adding that they were interviewing a few more in the coming days. 

A successful job fair was held late in November as a recruiting tool, seeing many new faces come in to discuss working for the health district. A date to start housing residents isn’t set because there are too many unknowns that might affect the final opening of the third Lakeview Gardens building. 

Lakeview Gardens hires the positions of care partners, who are caregivers, and lead care partners, who are med techs that will be responsible in care giving and passing medications. The assisted living facility will provide most of what skilled nursing has with a few differences. 

“We provide most of what skilled nursing provides,” said Coulter. “They’re trained to keep people in assisted living a lot longer than keeping them in a skilled facility, called aging and place.” 

Activities in daily living, hair, take meals to their rooms, bathing, showering, toileting and more. “It’s most of the same, but if they need additional medical services we will have Home Health come in to do more nursing type functions,” said Coulter. This could include changing bandages and other nursing duties that med techs can’t perform. 

Once open, the assisted living center will hold 12 people and has the same layout as Building A with just a few modifications. Lakeview Gardens long-term has been open since August. 

For more information, contact Lakeview Gardens administration at 541-947-2114. 

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