Lake Health Clinic brings on new Physician Assistant

Kathy Thompson, PA, is the newest provider at Lake Health Clinic in Lakeview.

Meet Lake Health Clinic’s newest Physician Assistant, Kathy Thompson.

Thompson, a Corvallis native for 35 years, started work at the Clinic on June 25 after working in Christmas Valley for the past two years. 

Wanting to move west to the other side of the mountains, Thompson made the jump to Christmas Valley in 2016 with her husband, Manley. With her home still in Christmas Valley, Thompson makes the two-hour trip to Lakeview to stay with her sister during the workweek, and travels back home on the weekends.

“Growing up on the east coast, I understand traffic and everything,” said Thompson. “Out there (Christmas Valley) the stars are so nice, and the overall quiet makes it hard to leave.”

Thompson originally found out about the opening at the Clinic through her medical assistant, ironically, the same one she worked with in Christmas Valley. 

As a Physician Assistant, Thompson is responsible for dealing with all ages of patients, collaborating with physicians and other providers. Although her specialty is in cardiology, Thompson especially enjoys the family practice side of the job. 

“I have a strong belief that you can’t separate the emotional or mental state of someone from the physical,” said Thompson. “Physical issues are usually indications of things that are going on psychologically inside the individual.”

Thompson mentioned that most of her visitors are women, understanding that some patients may feel more comfortable being seen by another woman, allowing them to open up more.

Getting to know the individual personally creates a lot of opportunities for Thompson in order to better understand their state of mind, something she finds most important in understanding the person as a whole. 

After graduating from Oregon State University with her undergraduate degree in Biology, Thompson attended Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, focusing in Rural Medicine. 

With 18 years of practice experience, Thompson’s journey to Lakeview comes with almost two decades of knowledge; ready to get started on a new chapter. 

For more information on Thompson contact the Lake Health District at 541/947-2114 or stop by at 700 S. J St.

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