Hospital offers dermatology services

Dr. Oliver Wisco is offering dermatology services at the Lake District Hospital at least once a month.

Lake Health District has a new dermatologist to assist people with skin related issues: Dr. Oliver Wisco, DO, FAAD, FACMS.

Dr. Wisco runs Dermatology Health Specialists in Bend, while also providing dermatology services to rural areas in Oregon. His first rural site was in Burns, and is now expanding to Lakeview.

For the time being, he will be in Lakeview one day a month seeing patients and performing a procedure, called Mohs surgery. During Mohs surgery, Dr. Wisco removes thin layers of the skin where the cancer is located, reviews it under a microscope, and repeats until the cancerous tissue has been removed. As the patient volume increases in Lakeview, he and his provider team plan to increase time at LDH.

“Eastern Oregon has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the country, and it is a dermatology desert,” said Dr. Wisco.

Dr. Wisco grew up in Gresham, and his wife grew up in Elkton. When they decided to return to Oregon, he looked at how he could help people who did not have ready access to treatment for skin ailments.

The intention of the clinic is to provide access to dermatology care through dermatologists and physician assistants with the same passion for serving under served rural communities.

Bend serves as Dr. Wisco’s primary clinic location, which is equipped with state of the art equipment to serve patients that need more complex care for their skin issues that cannot be completed in rural locations.

He believes that having this service in the community will help the residents of southern Oregon receive the care they need without having to drive long distances.

Dr. Wisco said that his clinic is able to provide cost effective services to rural hospitals. Without the need for rural hospitals to hire their own full-time dermatologists.

He is accepting patients, and accepts all the insurances that the Lake District Hospital accepts.

Dr. Wisco started Monday, July 6, and he or his provider team will be available at the Hospital approximately monthly. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 541-947-2114 ext. 383.

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