Ted Martin realizes dream

New Lake County District Attorney Ted Martin was officially sworn in by Judge Rob Nichols on Wednesday, July 10.

Lake County has a new District Attorney. 

Ted K. Martin of Malheur County officially began his duties as District Attorney after swearing in front of family, co-workers and Judge Robert Nichols on Wednesday, July 10. 

Being a district attorney has been something that Martin always wanted to do, but it just wasn’t in the cards until now. A friend of his had applied for the Lake County job last year, but didn’t get it, which opened up the opportunity for Martin to apply after he had contemplated applying for the Burns District Attorney job several years ago. 

Martin was appointed by Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday, July 2 and then came to Lakeview shortly after. 

“The funny part is there’s another Ted Martin that’s an attorney up in Portland and our cases and things have gotten crossed on more than one occasion,” Martin said with a laugh. “I’m pretty sure he’s grown tired of it.”

Martin has been a lawyer for 12 years and he does have Lake County ties, as his mother, Velma Clark, was a graduate of Lakeview High School and he has done some hunting in the area when he was a kid. He grew up in Klamath Falls. 

He went to Oregon Institute of Technology and got his bachelor’s degree in geography from Oregon State University, before moving to Caldwell, Idaho and wanting to attend Law School at the University of Idaho and do his residency. 

The plans were put on hold, as he met his wife got married and bought a house in Oregon. Several years later, he attended law school at Willamette College and had to re-do his residency because it had since expired. He did his residency and begun work at Butler and Looney PC in Vale, where he did mostly civil work, with a few criminal cases sprinkled in. 

When his daughter was born, he went into private practice for a few years, before returning to work as a public defender after his youngest son was born. After work as a public defender, he returned to private practice before accepting the Lake County District Attorney position. 

“My wife Sue has been amazing,” he said. “While I was in private practice, she would do all the accounting and filing stuff, which allowed me to go around to surrounding areas like Harney County for various cases and things.” 

Knowing the history of the previous Lake County District Attorney’s, Martin said that while it sticks around in his mind, he’s looking forward to get right to work, getting to know the community and representing the best interests of the community in each case. 

“I’ve been in a lot of different counties and experienced a lot of things that have worked,” Martin said. “Once I am able to learn everything, there are a lot of things that I would like to see happen but the biggest thing right now, is I want to be on the same page with everyone and find what works for Lake County.” 

Martin and his wife Sue have three children; Pepper, 18, Cayenne, 9 and Mace, 7. 

For more information, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 541-947-6009

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