Students show solidarity for Florida victims

After a month of healing and grief after the latest mass shooting at a Florida high school, Lakeview students staged a walkout along with other schools around the country.

Around 150 students from Lakeview High School and Daly Middle School participated in a walkout event on Wednesday, March 14, the one-month mark after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla. 

The 17-minute event, taking place at Lakeview High School’s football field during school hours, brought 150 students out on a wintery and cold day. Hearing that some students would participate in the nation-wide event, which broke on countless news outlets, Lake County School District #7 Supt. Will Cahill supervised the walkout. “We were unsure what the response was going to be until teachers learned from a number of students that they wished to do it,” said Cahill. “For the sake of honoring our students feelings toward the Florida event, we respected the walk out and provided support in recognizing the intention provided guidance.” 

Cahill gave a short and simple statement to the Lakeview students, addressing the tragedy and his hope that it would never occur again. At a few minutes after 10 a.m., Cahill initiated the 17 minutes of silence, for each victim of the Parkland shooting that took place Wednesday, Feb. 14 and observed 17 minutes of silence in memory of the 17 victims in Florida. After the time allotted, the bell rang and every student returned to class. 

The hundred or so Lakeview students joined with thousands of others across the country who called for safe schools and stronger gun-control legislation. Pictures posted on social media showed students around the country depicted various demonstrations, including a sit-in and students holding signs. There weren’t any signs that pushed for any sort of political agenda during the Lakeview event, as the students were solemn and quiet from start to finish. 

Comments on social media showed a divided mindset about the event. Some showed support for their right to protest and free speech while others didn’t agree with the brief expression. Some students made it clear that their demonstration didn’t have to do with other similar protests that called for stricter gun laws, but were an act of grief for the victims whose lives were taken last month during school hours. 

For more information, contact Cahill at 541-947-3347. 

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