Lakeridge Golf Course ready to open

Lakeridge Golf Course is planning to open on Wednesday, April 1, with some modifications.

With the spring season upon the community the Lakeridge Golf Course is reopening Wednesday, April 1, though they had to make some adjustments to comply with Gov. Kate Brown’s Executive Order 20-12.

Ann Logan, co-owner of the Lakeridge Golf Course, was initially concerned when Gov. Brown issued order 20-12 on Monday, March 23, that she would not be able to open the golf course this spring. The Oregon Golf Association talked to the Oregon Governor’s Office (OGO) and gained clarification about golf courses. According to the OGO golf courses are allowed to remain open, under certain conditions, as they are considered an outdoor activity such as hiking or other outdoor activity, where people can maintain social distancing.

“We didn’t know at first if we would be allowed to open, while it was thought it would not be allowed, we hoped that we would,” said Logan.

Golf courses are able to remain open with guidelines sent by the Oregon Golf Association and the Governor’s Office. Logan made a few additions of her own as well.

With new rules in place, Logan is confident they will be able to remain open and that the golf course will not become overly crowded. Some of the changes that have been made included the removing of ball washers, this was a mandate sent by the Governor’s Office, also the removal of trash cans.

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) has changed its rules and now flag pins have to stay in the hole even when people are putting. Before the flag pin had to be removed before someone putted.

Bunker rakes have also been removed, though Logan noted that the they will rake each bunker once a day. According to Logan, they want people to smooth the sand out as much as possible with their feet; and they will try to maintain the bunkers to the best of their ability.

Because they are not able to sanitize the electric golf carts after each use, they will not be available for rent. Push carts will be available for rent, and will be sanitized after each round. Because of safety concerns there will be no club rentals during this time period.

According to Logan, because of the size of the clubhouse they are not able to maintain social distancing between people so the clubhouse will be closed for the time being. People are encouraged to bring their own snacks and drinks with them. Also the driving range will be closed, as they do not have the manpower to sanitize the balls between each round.

People will now have to pay for their golf on the Venmo app from their phone. To play a round it will cost $10 per person. People can also pay for their monthly membership’s as well through the app. Venmo is an app people can download, and connect to their bank account. Once that is completed they are able to send money to people or businesses that use the app. Lakeridge can be found by searching Lakeridge_Golf and it will bring up Logan’s name. People will then click on her name, Ann Logan, and at the bottom right will be a blue icon that people will click on, and then send payment straight to the golf course. Folks can even give the time they are going to show up, and one person can pay for a group or each person can pay individually.

While the trash cans have been removed the toilets on the golf course will remain open with hand sanitizer for people to use.

Traditionally the golf course has been open daily from dawn to dusk. That has now changed the course will now be open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For more information contact Ann Logan at either 541-510-5090 or 541-947-3855.

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