Lakeview Animal shelter planned

Rhonda Dial stands in front of the planned location of a new animal shelter in Lakeview.

Animal House in Lakeview is embarking on redeveloping a building on the south side of town into a brand new shelter, helping to relieve pressure on its current location and on fosters in the region.

Rhonda Dial was approached by Marcus Sutfin about a recently empty building right next to his auto body shop that is on his property. Dial jumped at the chance, even though the building and the grounds around it need some work.

“It will be a place to house animals and have community involvement for the care of animals until those animals can find a permanent home,” said Dial.

Currently Dial has five dogs and one cat living at the Animal House that are looking for permanent homes; and those animals if they have not found permanent homes will be moved over to the new location.

Dial said during puppy and kitten season she is often overwhelmed by the numbers that come into Animal House as the place itself can only house so many at any one time. She relies on volunteers to act as fosters during that time, but she said that it can be hard to place all the kittens and puppies with fosters especially when a lot come in at one time and the fosters are already full.

It has been many years since there has been a dedicated place for animals that are looking for permanent homes to be housed in Lakeview. The last time was when the town had a dog catcher that would go around and catch loose dogs and hold them until their owners came to collect them. That lasted for a short period of time, and since then there has not been a dedicated person housing animals that are lost or need new homes in the area except for Dial and Animal House.

Currently Dial is planning on using cubical dividers and crates to house the animals in the main space of the new location, as work is completed on the addition. Overall the basics will be done to make it habitable for animals at the beginning with work being done by volunteers from the community, which is Dial’s goal.

Dial is currently looking for volunteers to help clean up the area around the building such as pulling weeds, cleaning up the trash, and dumping it all into the dumpster that has been provided by Sutfin. Dial will meet up with volunteers at the new location and point out areas where work needs to be done.

“This will be a place to put animals when there is no other place to put them,” said Dial.

She plans to put a fence around the property so she has the ability to house larger animals such as horses, something that she was not able to do at Animal House.

Animal House will still continue to be a place where dogs and cats that have been rescued off the street and need to get back to their owners will go to.

Dial said the new animal shelter will be called Darcy’s Dream, as this was her friends Darcy’s dream to have a shelter like this in Lakeview.

She is also working with the Oregon Outback Humane Society in getting the place ready to go, and hopes to have it up and running by the beginning of November. Together the Animal House and the Oregon Outback Humane Society have been working together to have a place like this in the region.

The new shelter is located at 1044 S. E St.

For more information call 541-417-1621.

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