Lakeview Town Council met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 12, discussing amongst other issues the need for citizens to take personal accountability for properly securing their animals.

The meeting began with Mayor Ray Turner reading a letter from the Lake County Youth Mentor Program thanking the Town Council for fiduciary support of the program. Ginger Casto, rural development specialist for South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD), requested a work session for the next Council meeting to discuss efforts regarding the former Don’s Market building on the north end of Lakeview.

Scott Utley, director for 911 Dispatch, reported that efforts are underway to make 911 a service available via text. There is funding through the State of Oregon for an AlertSense program that would allow texting to 911 overseen by emergency responders, but Utley is still awaiting funding.

Lakeview Fire Chief Dennis Morrill stated that he was okay with the fire department temporarily handling ordinance enforcement with air quality violations, but that he prefers that it not be a longterm solution. Draft proposals are currently being considered to align the Town of Lakeview and Lake County ordinances. Morrill also suggested that final conversations also include Keith Little in Silver Lake, who serves as the Lake County Fire Chief.

Public Works Director Jeff Marshall announced that road paving work on Kadrmas Road had been completed, and that crews are currently working to regrade manholes and water valves. See related article for details.

Engineer Darryl Anderson reported that chlorine and well issues related to the Lakeview Community Swimming Pool are being resolved, and he is working with Marshall on geothermal and drainage issues. He is working with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for water lagoons on a permit that expires in May.

Rhonda Dial, a resident who oversees a local animal shelter, spoke up during a public comment period, addressing the issue of residents who continue to feed deer. She reported that a friend’s dog was recently killed by a deer, and that during this time of year deer become combative, making it a health hazard for kids to be outside. Dial implored Council to address ordinances regarding feeding deer in town.

Lakeview Council approved funding for a one-time payment to Lakeview Community Partnership to assist in funding for the hire of an executive director.

Council member Niki Taylor took time during the meeting to impassionedly ask residents to take better responsibility in locking up their dogs. She had spoken previously with Dial about how to address a lingering issue of loose dogs roaming Lakeview, presenting a health hazard for children and elderly residents as well as for the deer that invariably enter town limits. Taylor requested that citizens take more personal responsibility for ordinances that exist, but at this time the community has no means of enforcements, such as nuisance violations from garbage and loose dogs.

“My plea is for the community to please take personal responsibility, and work to keep animals properly contained,” said Taylor. “Ordinances are in place, we are trying to find an effective way of enforcing them. We can’t deal with major problems when people habitually offend, letting dogs roam free.”

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the potential purchase of a snowgate for town plows during winter. While other areas have already implemented snowgates on plows, Marshall is concerned whether they would be compatible considering the age of Lakeview’s two vehicles, 1971 and 1984 respectively.

Lakeview Town Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. at Lakeview Town Hall, unless otherwise noted.

For video of the Lakeview Town Council meeting visit the Examiner’s YouTube or Facebook page.

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