Lakeview experiences worst flood in nearly 20 years

Emergency crews are continuing to work on water pumping and monitoring water levels. 

Lakeview experienced one of the worst floods in nearly 20 years, as rain showers drenched the town on Monday, April 8. 

Flooding concerns were present all throughout Lake County that prompted closure of Lake County School District No. 7 schools on Tuesday, April 9. 

Lake County School District No. 7 Supt., Will Cahill said that all of the schools were safe and reported no damage to any of the schools. 

“We were monitoring the situation closely all night,” Cahill said. “Dead Man’s Creek did not rise high enough to cause a problem in our schools.” 

Lakeview Mayor Ray Turner spent most of the morning with other area officials on Tuesday, April 9 at Bullard Dam down by the

and reported that the dam is still holding up really well. 

The Town of Lakeview Public Works spent most of the day Tuesday working on cleaning out storm drains around town. 

Emergency management crews worked around the clock Monday evening putting sand bags throughout the town and down by Bullard Creek and Deadman’s Creek. Sandbags were also put on Center and F Streets as boulders washed down Bullard Canyon onto Center Street and Hwy 395. 

“This is what I love about this community,” Turner said. “Everyone really came together and worked into the night to limit the damage.” 

Road closures are in affect. Roberta Avenue between South 3rd Street and Hwy 140 remain closed as emergency crews work on water pumping, cleanups and restoring culverts. Bullard Canyon remains closed to the public, although the latest report from Town officials was the water in Bullard Canyon had receded by about three feet. 

Steven Pardue of Pardue Construction put rock around the pipe by the swimming pool so the water wouldn’t flow down the road. He drove a mini excavator and cleaned and put rock in front of the pipes on Roberta Road and along P street and Stock Drive. 

No evacuations were ordered as firefighters and other personnel worked to ensure enough sandbags were filled. 

For more information visit the South Central Oregon Fire Management Facebook page. 

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