Lakeview Sanitation Bostwicks

Joe and Kelsie Bostwick are the new owners of Lakeview Sanitation, now called Lakeview Sanitation Services LLC.

For the first time in almost 20 years Lakeview Sanitation is under new ownership, with the new owners pledging that the services will remain the same.

For almost 20 years AJ Myrick of Estacada, owned and operated Lakeview Sanitation. He passed away in 2019, at which point his surviving family members put the business up for sale. At that point Kelsie and Joe Bostwick jumped at the chance to purchase the business and to connect with the area again.

Kelsie is the daughter of John and Tillie Flynn. Kelsie grew up in Lakeview and graduated from Lakeview High School before pursuing a doctorate degree in pharmacology at Oregon State University. After college she spent time in various communities doing clinical residencies, including Nashville, Tenn., and Bend. She and Joe currently live in Pendleton.

Even with the new owners Kelsie and Joe said that things will still look the same for residents of the community. The long term managers, Kevin and Beatrice Sterba, will remain on board and continue to handle the day-to-day operations of the business.

“I can’t say enough about the employees, they do a lot every day such as driving the trash pickup routes, pumping septic tanks, cleaning outhouses and delivering porta potties. We are not planning any changes, everyone can expect to see the same familiar faces,” said Joe.

Kelsie and Joe have been working with the Sterbas, and the employees of the company, on making it a smooth transition. The name is changing to Lakeview Sanitation Services LLC, but the same services that have been offered will continue. Kelsie said that they are still learning the ropes and are excited about their new adventure.

“It is more than a garbage company, it spans the entire county offering services and products to people all across Lake County and we plan to continue to do that,” said Kelsie.

The Bostwicks are excited that the Sterbas continued to stay on in their capacity as it offers the community a sense of continuity even with the ownership change.

They pride themselves on being able to keep the company owned locally and not being bought by a large corporation. The Bostwicks plan to relocate in the future.

Kelsie is happy to be connected with the people of Lake County once more, and said that it is a wonderful place and full of excellent people.

At its final meeting of the year the Lakeview Town Council approved the franchise transfer agreement between the Myrick family and the Bostwicks for operation of Lakeview Sanitation Services.

Lakeview Sanitation currently offers residential and commercial garbage pickup. It also offers: drop off recycling, porta pottie rentals, septic tank pumping, and drop box services.

For more information call Lakeview Sanitation Services at 541-947-2891.

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