Langum withdraws from Commissioners race

Scott Langum

Lakeview Town Council member Scott Langum has withdrawn his name from candidacy in the race to replace Lake County Commissioner Brad Winters, who is retiring at the end of his current term.

Langum was the first to file, doing so before Winters announced that he would not seek reelection.

Originally elected to Lakeview Town Council in November 2018, Langum had served around a year before deciding to run for Commissioner. One of his main points for running for Commissioner was giving more bite to current ordinances, and having more joint meetings between the County and Town of Lakeview, as he felt there was often a disconnect between the two entities. Another area of focus for his campaign was to spend more on roads and infrastructure in the northern part of the county, as he felt the area has not been given its share of road funds.

With the deadline for candidacy looming, Langum has decided that his focus is better served remaining on the Lakeview Town Council and working to make sure that major projects are seen through to the end. When he originally filed these projects were not really at a point of being ready to start.

“I want to finish what I started, and I do not feel it is the right time to leave,” said Langum. “I made a commitment for four-years and I want to see it through. It was not an easy decision.”

Langum mentioned that his withdrawing from the race had nothing to do with Barry Shullanberger also declaring his candidacy, whom he called a very worthy candidate.

“If it was about Barry (Shullanberger) entering the race I would have dropped out when he entered,” said Langum.

According to Langum, the Town does not have great follow-through on projects and ideas, and often they get left behind as people move on to something else. He feels that his background in heavy construction and project management will help the Town of Lakeview with two big projects on its docket — the Bullard Creek Canyon and the water system improvement. Since Langum’s initial candidacy announcement the Town of Lakeview has secured a low interest loan from the EPA to fund the planned water project.

Langum has not ruled out a future run for Lake County Commissioner.

Barry Shullanberger and Elmer Riblett are running to replace Lake County Commissioner Brad Winters. If no one else files by the deadline, Tuesday, March 10, the election will be decided in the Oregon Primary on Tuesday, May 19.

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