Since its inception in 2015 Lakeview Community Partnership (LCP) has accomplished much to enhance downtown Lakeview, but the work has been done completely by volunteers.

That will soon change, as LCP recently was granted funding from several sources to afford the hire of a full-time executive director to oversee operations going forward, with a hire expected in January.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Lakeview Town Council agreed unanimously to provide a one-time grant of $25,000 from Lodging Tax funds in support of LCP’s efforts to hire a director. While the funds accumulated from Oregon’s Transient Tax Laws are intended solely for projects to develop or enhance projects related to tourism, LCP’s various efforts in improving and promoting Lakeview were deemed a worthy cause for a one-time exception to policy.

Additionally, $25,000 has also been secured in funding from the Oregon Community Foundation, which matched with $10,000 from LCP’s own coffers will be used for one year’s salary of an executive director. It is expected that during that first year the director will then pursue grants to fund their position going forward.

The funding from the Town of Lakeview was conditioned on LCP complying to specific terms of use in execution of an agreement with the Town of Lakeview to focus on promotion of tourism for strategic planning.

“Thank you very much for having the support of the Council, it means a lot,” said Ann Logan, president of LCP, at Tuesday’s meeting. “Everything we want to do, we want to work with you side-by-side.”

After Council agreed to the payment Ginger Casto, South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD) rural development specialist and LCP member, announced during the meeting that Oregon Community Foundation had also agreed to support the venture mere hours earlier.

“Now we are in the position to hire someone in January, we are excited,” said Casto.

LCP was formed under the Oregon Main Street model, a statewide program based on a national developmental service that aims to coordinate local leaders for communal efforts to revive community downtown areas. In the years since its formation LCP has worked to, among other things, aid local businesses with improving storefronts, promoted the area’s rich heritage by placing historic photos in business windows, and acquired and reopened the historic Alger Theater. Through LCP the grand theater, built in 1940, now hosts weekly film screenings and occasional special events.

For more information about Lakeview Community Partnership contact Ginger Casto at 541-947-6013.

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