LCSD7 review test results, set date for superintendent search

Josiah Moseley, l-r, Trent McNeley, Catherine Goeres, and Emma Halbleib present thank-you cards made by students at Fremont/A.D. Hay for Lake County School District 7 School Board during a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 29.

Members of the Lake County School District 7 School Board were flooded with elementary appreciation, approved a search calendar for a new superintendent, and reviewed Smarter Balance test results at their Wednesday, Jan. 29, meeting.

The meeting began with Josiah Moseley, Trent McNeley, Catherine Goeres, and Emma Halbleib presenting thank-you cards made by students at Fremont/A.D. Hay Elementary school. Each card was made by a different class, each thanking the school board for the hard work they do. Moseley then performed a song on his ukulele in front of the board.

Susan Warner, principal of Fremont/A.D. Hay, and Lane Stratton, principal of Lakeview High School/Daly Middle School, presented summary principal reports to the board. Warner mentioned they have gained more students than they have lost over the course of the school year. One of those students will be a high-needs student. She also mentioned that Smarter Balance testing is starting soon.

Stratton told the board he believes the ag shop will be finished soon for student use. Six students have applied for state FFA degrees, and two of them will likely head to Lost River to compete in their respective proficiencies. Stratton also noted that the spread of a flu virus has led to many incompletes and absences of students.

Spanish teacher Parker Bishop is resigning to continue his education in Madrid, Spain. “I am looking for long-term subs as two more teachers have resigned during the school year,” said Stratton.

Stratton updated the board about the future of 2A football, including the possibility of dissolving one of the 2A special districts and moving teams to other districts. This would possibly entail the district Lakeview is currently in adding Bandon and Coquille. Another issue is whether all of 2A will go to nine-man football, and whether Lakeview will then try to play up to 3A or try to get more 1A schools with 11-man teams up to 2A. These are under further discussion and no final decision has been made at this time.

Tara Counts, district test coordinator, presented results of the Smarter Balance tests for the 2018-19 school year. Overall students in Lake County School District 7 were either at state average or above state average on both Language Arts and Math. Counts reviewed each school in the district at each grade level that was tested.

At Union Elementary school, for academic achievement they had a small decrease from last year, but still at a Level 4 out of 5, with Level 5 being the highest, with a score of 72.7%. Union’s three-year average was 66.7%, which is above the state average of 51%. Counts did note that the scores could vary widely at Union because of the small class sizes.

Next up was Fremont/A.D. Hay, which scored a Level 2 at 51% for academic achievement, even with the state average. Counts did note that scores did vary widely based on grade level, with third grade being the lowest scoring at 35% and fourth and sixth grades being the highest at 55%.

Daly Middle School got a Level 3 on academic achievement at 61%, which showed an 8% jump from the previous year. The best scorers were the seventh graders.

Lakeview High School only tests in 11th grade, which was at a Level 5 with 88%, a jump of 20% from the previous school year.

Math scores did show some wide variations from year-to-year and it is thought that the introduction of Common Core might be affecting the results.

Union’s math score dropped 20% from the previous year to 54%, but still they placed at a Level 4 on a three-year average.

Fremont/A.D. Hay showed a slight decline from last year to 43% from 47%, but they still placed at Level 3 for the three-year average at 47%.

DMS saw a slight increase to 45% from 42% putting them at a Level 3.

Lakeview High School saw an increase from 20% in 17-18 to 44% in the 18-19 school year, putting it at Level 3 as well.

The Board also approved a search calendar up to Wednesday, Feb. 12, as they begin the search for a new superintendent after Will Cahill’s announced retirement effective June 30. The Board will hold meetings with union representatives, staff, and the public. The public meeting is to take place on Thursday, Feb. 6, at the Lakeview High School Cafeteria starting at 5:30 p.m. After the meetings, consultants will use the information gathered and present to the Board on Wednesday, Feb. 12 which criteria should be sought for the new superintendent.

Watch coverage of the meeting on the Lake County Examiner’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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