1-08 Rob Robbins

Rob Robbins, director of nursing services in long-term care, just started in her new

position at Lake District Hospital in November after moving from Iowa.

Rob Robbins, new director of nursing services for long-term care, initially moved to the Lakeview area in September not to necessarily work at the Lake District Hospital, but simply seeking a change.

Robbins grew up and lived in small towns across Iowa, working at hospitals in various capacities, but mostly in long-term care. After she started college in 1989 a friend of her mother’s introduced her to long-term care. She enjoyed the work, seeing how she could make a difference in people’s lives and improve long-term care for the residents by moving up the ranks and gaining more experience.

At Lake District Hospital Robbins oversees skilled rehabilitation, where patients might need to live in a facility with nurses on-site and helping patients recover; and intermediate rehabilitation, which works towards making sure patients do not have to be admitted to the hospital.

Robbins currently oversees Lakeview Gardens skilled nursing homes, and home health nurses. Her position was formerly held by Melinda Utley.

The town she grew up in has 400 people in it, and she has never liked living in a big city. She likes to visit briefly for shopping, but she prefers rural life over the city life.

Robbins was contacted by a recruiter in November, and asked if she wanted to be interviewed by Lake Health District CEO Charles Tveit for the position, potentially tasked with the challenge of providing quality care in a small community.

“I like giving back and helping people,” said Robbins. “You can build relationships and improve the quality of life for people, and that is why I got into long-term care.”

Currently she is working on increasing the education of the current staff, implementing restorative nursing programs such as exercise, cognition activities, and other things that would help people currently living in long-term care. Also, she is looking at maintaining continuity on staff and trying to limit staff turn-over.

Robbins likes the Lakeview area and loves the peace and quiet of the countryside. She finds even downtown Lakeview is too busy at times. She likes hiking, horseback riding, fishing, camping and riding her motorcycle.

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