KCC and LHD sign nursing program agreement

In another three-year deal, Lake Health District (LHD) agreed with Klamath Community College (KCC) to support its rural nursing program, signing another deal on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

The contract promises that the district will put forward $225,000 to the KCC nursing program over three years and $45,000 per year, which will go toward the salary costs of maintaining a full-time, year-round nursing program administrator. It also states that LHD will provide classroom space, including up to two beds at the Lake District Hospital or at the Innovation and Learning Center (ILC), and assistance in coordinating housing for students.

“KCC’s partnership with Lake Health District further exemplifies the college’s promise to support student success through foundational skills development and workforce training,” KCC Pres. Roberto Gutierrez said. “The continued support of Lake Health District is invaluable for KCC’s nursing program. We look forward to providing Klamath and Lake counties with capable health care workers for many more years.”

The original contract signed in 2013 enabled KCC to get the rural nursing program off the ground from its LPN program. LHD CEO Charlie Tveit explained that LHD had stake in the program in order to recruit to Lake District Hospital since training would occur on site and allure skilled staff to stay. He added that there are similar programs around the state, pointing toward Oregon Tech who is in collaborating with Oregon Health & Sciences University. “If they get their training here, there’s a good chance that they’ll stay here,” said Tveit. “Our goal was to help the college and help ourselves at the same time.”

For the full story, pick up the Oct. 4 edition of the Examiner.

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