Bookcase delivery day

Sophomore Zack Ketcham stands with Bobbie Steninger and LDH CEO Charlie Tveit in front of his completed bookshelf.

A Lakeview High School student gave back to Lake District Hospital. 

Sophomore Zack Ketcham constructed a wooden bookshelf that hangs in the main entrance to Lake District Hospital. 

“I went and asked the shop teacher; Fred Smith if he had any students that were looking for a project,” explained Bobbie Steninger. “I wanted to come up with something that would honor the late Virginia Stratton who meant a lot to a lot of people in this community.”

Steninger got the idea out of a magazine, after seeing pictures of several other communites who had the same design and concept. 

The project took Ketcham a few weeks to complete; he drew up a complete plan, went and found the wood and got to work, sanding each piece of wood, applying two coats of finish and then the actual construction part, making sure everything fit together perfectly. The bookshelf is made out of oak and has been on display for a few weeks.

“Mr. Smith only allowed me to use scrap wood,” he said. 

On top of the bookshelf is an engraving remembering Stratton. 

“We used a CNC machine, which we have in the shop,” Ketcham said. “What we did is we stuck the piece of wood in the machine and then went on the computer and input the design and the machine will carve the design into the piece of wood. It took about two hours to carve the design into the wood.”

For Ketcham, this was the biggest project he’s completed that had sentimental value and he really enjoyed putting it together. The biggest advice he offered, was to measure twice and cut once.

“I really enjoy working on projects like this,” he said. 

Books can be donated to the hospital for that library, or can be borrowed and brought back. 

Lake District Hospital CEO Charlie Tveit encouraged everyone to check out the book case and the craftsmanship created by Ketcham.

For more information, contact Lake District Hospital at 541-947-2114 or Lakeview High School at 541-947-2287.

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