Tome Lightle with daughter

Tom Lightle, pictured with his daughter Taylea will be “trashing out cancer” at this years Destruction Derby.

No stranger to the jam packed action of the Destruction Derby at the Lake County Round-Up and Fair, Derby veteran Tom Lightle will be racing a car once again this year, as he will be teaming up to “trash cancer.” 

Lightle, who is supported by Lakeview Sanitation has been doing the Derby for 22 years and helped “Trash Cancer” at the Derby two years ago, raising over $1000 for the Cancer Travel Fund; a fund through Lake District Hospital that helps cancer patients with expenses traveling to and from doctors appointments. 

This year’s funds will be split between the Lake District Hospital Cancer Travel Fund and the American Cancer Society. Kathy Miles is helping get business sponsors, so they can raise as much money as possible. 

The public will have the opportunity to donate as well, as trash cans will be set up at Howard’s Drugs and ACE Hardware until the day of the derby; Sunday, Sept. 1. 

In the last year, 31 patients have been served and a total of $7300 has been given out. 

Be sure and look out for Lightle’s car with a trash can on the top of the vehicle at this year’s Destruction Derby on Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Lake County Fairgrounds. 

For more on this story, pick up the Lake County Examiner’s Fair and Round-Up edition on newsstands next week, Wednesday, Aug. 21. 

For more information, contact Miles at 541-947-5538

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