Local elementary school robbed

Unknown persons broke into Fremont Elementary school and stole lunch money that was locked in a file cabinet in the front office.

For reasons that are currently unknown people broke into Fremont Elementary school either late Tuesday, May 5, or early morning Wednesday, May 6; ransacking teachers classrooms and stealing equipment.

The thieves took off with iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks. Technology used by the children. With students no longer in the classroom and doing distance learning, the equipment was still at the school as the younger kids are receiving work in the mail. The stolen technology is used in classroom under the supervision of the teacher and not meant for the children to take home.

Lake County School District #7 Supt. Will Cahill was not happy when he learned about the theft.

“Whoever did this, stole from the kids. These teachers feel violated and they are already trying to do their best during this time,” said Cahill.

No signs of forced entry were present, the theft was only discovered when the first teacher arrived at Fremont Wednesday morning to begin her day. In the classrooms every drawer, cabinet and file cabinet was opened. In many classrooms material was strewn across the floor.

The thieves tried to make off with one of the smart boards in a classroom. They were able to get it off of the wall, though for unknown reasons they did not take it with them and left it on the floor. Cahill is uncertain of the damage done to the smart board and whether it will work again.

In the school office in a locked file cabinet was lunch money for kindergarteners and first graders, the assailants broke the hinges and took the money.

Cahill and Elementary School Prin. Susan Warner are unsure if the technology can be replaced, as it was purchased not that long ago.

Currently the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, though no suspects have been identified. They are asking anyone with information to call 541-947-2504 and reference case number 20-0211.

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