Local real estate office moves to new location

Deanna Walls, principal broker of High Country Real Estate stands in front of her office new location.

Due to an unexpected plumbing issue High Country Real Estate is moving from the location is has been at the last 30 or so years down the street to where the Bank of Eastern Oregon used to have a loan office; they started in their new office on Monday, June 1.

Principal Broker Deanna Walls said that with the plumbing issue at their former building renovation is needed, with no timetable of when to be completed. Walls was not willing to wait inside the current building while a timetable was reached on construction. This made the move possible for her, something that is she excited about, but came upon her and the business unexpectedly.

She knew the place right next door was open, as the Bank of Eastern Oregon vacated the space, though they will still have their ATM. This is the same spot she first worked when it was Action Reality in 2003.

High Country Real Estate has been at its current location for the past 30 years when Virginia Vernon moved to that location, Walls became the principal broker in February 2019.

Walls is taking over the lease from the Bank of Eastern Oregon, which still had a couple of years left under its contract. Over the coming days new signage will be placed on the building, and the doors, indicating the presence of the real estate office.

While Walls did not anticipate on moving to a new location she is excited about the move and the new location.

“During the move, business will continue as usual, hours will remain the same and the phone number will remain the same,” said Walls.

Walls does not expect a big disruption to her business as it makes the transition, though she knows it will be a change. The other real estate professionals that work in her office are making the move as well.

The new location is 209 N. F St., their phone number is 541-947-2224, and they will be open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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