Mayor disappointed in litterbugs

Some of the bags of litter found near the mouth of the Bullard Creek Dam that was removed by the Lakeview Public Works department.

Lakeview Mayor Ray Turner was not happy when he discovered that someone had pretty much vandalized Town property in Bullard Creek Canyon, and is working on investigating two separate incidents.

Of them occurred near the mouth of the Bullard Creek dam, where persons currently unknown dumped a large amount of yard and household debris, strewn all over the landscape in unsightly piles. Lakeview Public Works Department led by Jeff Marshall spent hours cleaning up the mess, and according to Turner, it would have cost less than $2 to dump all the yard household waste at the Lake County Dump. He is not sure who did it, or why, as they did a lot of work to save a small amount of money.

Turner has now ordered that the road that leads to the mouth of the dam, off of Bullard Creek Road, be closed off with a gate to stop people from dumping like this again.

Another area was not far from the Norm May Rifle and Pistol Range, a little ways up that road. Someone had created a shooting range on Town property at that location. They left behind a vast multitude of litter, shell casings and targets all over the ground and didn’t bother to clean up after themselves.

Turner is disappointed in both areas, as it is a blight on the Town in an effort to attract people to recreate responsibility in the area. Since both incidents occurred on Town property he is launching an investigation to find out who is responsible.

There is up to a $1,000 fine for those that are caught littering.

People with information are asked to call 541-947-6027.

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