McKelvey takes over food truck; Elks food contract

Angela McKelvey is excited to be running her own food truck, where she will be serving up breakfast, pasta dishes and rice bowls from the Lakeview Elks Lodge parking lot.

There is a new owner/ chef of the food truck in the Elks Lodge parking lot. Angele McKelvey has opened her new business known as “R’ Place.”

McKelvey, who bought the food contract for the Elks Lodge lot along with a food truck from Sage Taylor, is excited about having her own place. When she was younger she used to work in restaurants and was always looking for a place of her own. She wanted a food truck, as it would give her a chance to travel to different events in the area.

McKelvey was pushed by her husband, Sean McKelvey, when the opportunity to acquire Sage’s Soups, the previous food truck in the Elks Lodge lot, became available. She is planning a menu described as a fusion between Italian and Asian flavors offering rice bowls and pasta dishes along with breakfast options, salads, keto- and gluten-free options.

McKelvey plans to be open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Each morning she will offer breakfast sandwiches and plates, including biscuits and gravy. Other breakfast menu items include “the Ranch Hand,” which features bacon, egg, sausage, ham and baked beans.

People can build their own pasta dish combining three different sauces among marinara, garlic alfredo, and garlic butter and herbs; along with three meats: chicken, shrimp and meatballs.

Part of the menu will include rice bowls such as chicken teriyaki, Hawaiian pork, and Mongolian beef. While the previous food truck incarnation was focused on soup, McKelvey still plans to have soups, but only as specials.

“I want my menu to have so many options and varieties (so) that no one gets bored,” said McKelvey.

Part of the contract includes cooking meals at the Elks Lodge for their regular Friday night dinner and lunch for Soroptimist and the Rotary Club meetings. She is currently working on a set menu, but wants to also mix things up as well. McKelvey is considering a set menu, but offering different specials each week. Plus she is considering adding a kids menu as well for the Friday night Elks dinner.

Besides her normal hours, she is planning on being open during major events such as the Lake County Fair, along with other special events around Lakeview, and the possibility of staying open late on Irish Days.

R’ Place is located at 323 N. F St., Lakeview. Delivery is available. For more information call 570-535-1875.

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