With over 50 shooters at the Stan Wonderley 3D Money Dot Shoot, $1,600 was given away in prize money. 

Taking place on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16, a 40-target course spread across two courses with six Money Dots per side. Dots ranged from 20 to 100 yards with amounts to win, from $25 to $300. 

Money dot winners were Shawn Philps, Tyler Rich, Darin Hamilton, Trever McReynolds Rebecca Lucas, Trinity Hayden, Rex Martin, Spence Hammond, Shane Balsz, Coby Crume, Michael Lucas, Jim Anderson, Casey Thornton, Jack Hayden, Billy Thompson and Mary Foster.

In classic competitive nature, a long shot competition was held both days. Each shooter got three arrows for $1 and once the bear target was hit, that individual was put in the shoot off on Sunday, which Shane Balz eventually claimed, taking home the prize money. 

Each category had first through third placements. 

In the Women’s Bow Hunter Freestyle, first place went to Becca Lucas (611) and second place was a tie between Trinity Hayden and Mary Foster (601). For the Men’s Bow Hunter Freestyle, first place went to Jake Hayden (747), second to Coby Crume (697) and third to John Bosse (694). The Men’s Open awarded first to Shaun Phelps (751), second to Shane Balz (720) and third to Michael Lucas. Men’s Traditional had John Hansen in first (339), Craig Foster in second (274) and Neil Hansen in third (164) a one-day score. 

In the Youth Division, Clyde Mobley grabbed first on a one-day score (178) and Gracie Thompson took second with a one-day score as well (148). Cub Division first place was Myleigh Crum (184) and the Peewee Division winner was Mesa Hayes (79). 

The Bow Club’s next 3D Shoot will be the Ski Hill Shoot on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21. For additional information, contact Sheila Holloway at 541-947-3233. 

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