12-04 jack fall

Julie Howard and Dennis Fitzpatrick shoot one of two final scenes of “Jack Fall” -- a movie by Michael Greenman -- at Lake District Hospital.

Over the past several years Michael Greenman has been working on bringing his cinematic vision to life, using Lakeview as part of the backdrop.

Greenman is finishing work on his movie “Jack Fall,” which he also wrote. The movie is a drama about two men who are going through the process of losing someone close to them.

Greenman mentioned that the original plan was to shot scenes in the Alvrod Desert near the Steens Mountains, on the drive over they passed through Lakeview and fell in love with the area and the people. They managed to get connected to Julie Howard, a resident of the area, who has acted in small parts in commercials and television shows. With the help of Howard they decided to stay in the Lakeview area to shoot several scenes.

Filming occurred on Friday, Nov. 22, at Lake District Hospital for two final scenes with Howard and one of the main actors -- Dennis Fitzpatrick. In the film Fitzpatrick plays the role of Sheriff Alan, while Howard acts as a hospital receptionist.

Greenman has been working on the film off and on for several years as a passion project. He normally serves as a camera assistant on television shows and movies, and whenever opportunities arise he is working on Jack Fall. Most of the filming has happened in Portland.

Some of the areas that the crew has shot in the past few years around Lake County have included the Albertson Ranch, Paisley Cemetery, Lakeview’s Westside, and Thornton Ranch.

Greenman is mostly finished with the film, except for a few minor edits and the film score. He is planning on taking the film on the festival circuit, as well as looking into a possible showing at the Alger Theater in Lakeview as a private screening so he can still show it at festivals.

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