Operation: Battle Party is starting a Nerf gun tournament for kids in the Christmas Valley area starting in January to support the Friends of the Christmas Valley Library.

Pitting Nerf Gun-touting teammates in a fun head-to-head team competition for last ones standing, the tournament will meet once a month starting in mid-January and run for six months. Jon Treber, of Operation: Battle Party, is currently envisioning it as a double-elimination tournament, though he is thinking of other options as well. After six months of competition it will come down to the final teams competing for trophies. Treber has a friend loaning him a 3-D printer for trophies.

The teams, comprised of kids ages 6-18, will compete in squads of 4-5 kids per a team. The idea is to get friends together and compete as a group. Treber did mention they are willing to put kids in a team if they have trouble finding five teammates to fill a team. Treber is holding this in the offseason when there is not much to do in the winter and before kids start working on farms.

Registration is $5 per month per kid. Registration and liability forms are available at the Christmas Valley library starting Thursday, Dec. 5, until Friday, Jan. 10. The ideal is for 10 total teams, though Treber will compete with the total number of teams that sign up.

Each tournament will feature a different concept, not to be revealed to competitors until they show up to avoid unfair advantages. Current ideas range from capture the flag to a dodge ball style contest where if someone is hit they are out. Treber will have adults serving as referees at tournaments.

The competition will take place at the Community Hall in Christmas Valley and will begin Jan. 18.

The Friends of the Christmas Valley Library provide financial support to the library such as enhancing the library’s collections and services including books, audiobooks, and movies. Funds also support building a new library facility in Christmas Valley.

For more information call Jon or Katrina Treber at 541-576-4760.

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