New business opens in Paisley

Fletch and Strings Archery owner Craig Delarm repairs a bow for a customer in his shop.

Paisley has a semi-new business geared towards enthusiastic archers. 

Titled “Fletch and Strings Archery” owner Craig Delarm has had his business for over two years and the decision to open was a relatively simple one. 

“I retired from the military in 2017, moved back to Paisley and brought my kids back to live with me in Lake County,” Delarm said. “I grew up around here and my parents still live here. I got into archery about 10 years ago and had a fascination with the sport and wanted to open up an archery and outdoors store in Lake County.” 

He has a shop in downtown Paisley across from the Community Center and also has a trailer that allows him to be mobile and pay visits to clients. He purchased the trailer at the beginning of this year and he has brought the trailer down to Lakeview to assist with the Lakeview Bowmen’s Club and their winter league. The trailer measures 16 feet and has a service shop on one side of it and has displays set up on the other side that allows him to work on bows for his customer base.

“I also bring merchandise with me to sell when I bring the trailer out,” he said. 

He never envisioned himself owning his own business, up until his last few years in the military. 

“When they started sending me to all of these classes to help the transition to civilian life that’s when the idea of owning my own business came to light,” Delarm said. “I picked up some business class and some entrepreneur classes to really help me out.” 

Delarm served in the army with the 82nd Infantry for 10 years and supported the special forces. He was also a drill instructor. He broke his back jumping out of an airplane, so he needed to find something that he could spend time on, while still spending time with his kids and bringing a service to the community.

Right now his inventory, consists of any archery accessory that an archer might need from strings to arrows and more. With not alot of space in the store, he is a bit limited in what he has in store, but can special order whatever the customer needs and have it within a few days.

“I don’t carry bows in the store,” explained Delarm. “I special order them, due to space constraints of my shop. I can get bows in the shop within a week and that goes for a lot of my inventory, if I’m out of stock on something.”

With bow hunting season steadily approaching, he is making sure that his shop is well stocked. He also carries fly fishing equipment, hand tied flies. The shop also sells the necessary licenses and equipment that fishers and archers may need. 

“By request of the community, the licensing was something I brought back,” he said. 

With the bow season just around the corner, his most popular attraction is replacing strings and bows, although on occasion, the customer will buy a new bow altogether. Repairs generally take about a week, as he takes his time, to ensure the job is done correctly. 

“If a customer buys a string from me, I will do the service for free,” he said. 

A regular service and tune-up costs around $45.

Right now, his hours are Wednesdays - Saturdays from 9:30 - 4 p.m. Appointments are also welcome.

The shop is located at 700 Chewaucan St., in Paisley.

For more information contact Delarm at 541-219-2870 or 541-539-9873 or visit the Fletch and Strings Archery Facebook page.

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