New firearms business provides new service to area

Sean McKelvery, one of the owners of Strange Buck Guns, is excited about how the local community has responded so far to his new business venture.

Sean and Angela McKelvey have started a new business that has caught the attention of local residents, as the service is not readily offered in the area.

The pair have started Strange Buck Gunsmithing and Custom Firearms, which will repair guns. Eventually Sean plans to develop custom firearms. Until Sean started the business people had to travel to Klamath Falls or Bend if their gun needed repair.

Sean started off working in George Maeher guns in Klamath Falls when he was younger, working there in the summers learning about guns. Eventually after holding various jobs he and his wife, who grew up in New Pine Creek, moved to Lakeview.

“We talked about doing it for around 10 years and we thought, ‘why not do it now?’,” said Sean.

After researching the process, and applying for his Federal Firearms License (FFL), Sean hopes to expand his business into a storefront in Lakeview. The FFL will also allow him to make custom guns for customers.

During the start-up process he is also attending the Sonora Desert Institute to gain his Associates Degree in Firearms Science and Technology, and to become a Master Gunsmith. Sean likes the program because it is accredited through Arizona State University, and it is an online program so he will not have to move out of the area.

Whether it is cerakote coating for firearms, helping people fix jams in their guns, rust removal, refinishing, deep cleaning, McKelvey is ready to help.

“I also can do tool and knife sharpening, including chisels and chainsaws,” said Sean.

Currently Sean is working full-time at 5 Corners Feed and Supply helping them build a new area where they plan to sell guns. Sean is working Sundays and Mondays on this new business, but once the job is done at 5 Corners Feed and Supply he plans to go full-time.

In terms of time for projects, Sean said it really depends on what the issue is with the gun and whether or not it needs parts. Sometimes if it needs parts he needs to order it straight from the manufacturer, and that could take several weeks to get the parts. Other processes such as refinishing or bluing can take one-to-two weeks.

In terms of custom builds, Sean says it depends on what the customer is looking for and how high end they want to be. Y\That will have to wait, however, until he has his FFL.

So far Sean and Angela are thrilled about the response from the community regarding their new business venture.

“We feel that the community is happy about this and (we) have felt accepted,” Sean said.

Even though they have just started, Sean already has around four guns in his gun safe that people have given him to repair, and he has received calls recently from people inquiring about his services.

Some of his future plans include designing hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and other active wear, and holding online contests.

He is excited about the growth of his young company, and the way people have responded. Sean feels that they will be able to have their own store later this year.

For more information about Strange Buck Gunsmithing and Custom Firearms call 570-535-1876, or email

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