New non-profit begins in community

Barb Hartnell, center kneeling, is joined by the winner of the compound bow package Matthew Appel; and members of her brand new non-profit Collyne Peek, l-r, Kari Strickland and Coby Ringulat.

When Barb Hartnell thought up of the idea of doing a 50/50 raffle and donating a compound bow package to an area youth, she did not know that the idea would take off and become a brand new non-profit. But with the support from the community it has taken off and is now becoming a new non-profit called Barb Hartnell Outback Hunting.

Currently the non-profit is registered with the State of Oregon, and has a state tax id. It has submitted paperwork with the IRS and is currently waiting on a federal tax id, and until that arrives the organization is unable to ask for donations. Hartnell said that getting a federal tax id could take anywhere from two months to several months.

When she began her 50/50 raffle last year Hartnell was looking at doing a one time giveaway, with the possibility of doing it again the following year depending on how well it went. Seeing the support from the community about the raffle and the bow giveaway, Hartnell was joined by other community members to form the non-profit to make it more sustainable and a year around effort.

Hartnell views the new group as something more than just a way to promote archery among local youth in the area. She views the new non-profit as something that can teach hunting, help people who are facing financial difficulties in the community whether they need help with paying bills or an accident has left them unable to work.

Hartnell plans to expand the offerings on her YouTube page. She originally started the page to celebrate her hunts throughout the region. Not only will that continue, she plans to expand the offerings on her YouTube channel and to incorporate them into the new organization.

This includes educational how-to videos for those looking at getting into hunting, especially archery hunting. She will still continue to post videos of her hunting expeditions, and the wildlife that she finds in southern Lake County.

“It all just happened and fell into place. I did not expect this to happen when I started the 50/50 raffle and compound bow package,” said Hartnell.

She was thrilled by the response from the community to the raffle, which was able to award a compound bow package to Matthew Appel from Fletch N Strings Archery store in Paisley. Hartnell said that she will continue to work with the store and its owner Craig DeLarm as the group gets up and running.

As the organization works on getting a federal tax id, the newly created group is looking at different events, raffles, and merchandise that it can sell to raise money for future giveaways and to support those in immediate financial need.

One area that the group is actively working on, and to build support for archery as a sport in the community, is holding tournaments for area youth. This would not only raise money for the organization, but it would showcase archery and its potential to young kids in the community who might not have a chance to participate normally.

Other items include the creation of t-shirts. Those are currently in the works, and the group is hopeful that they will have more details about the shirts, what they will look like, and the cost around the beginning of February.

Hartnell is excited about the people that have joined her in getting the group off the ground, even if they are not able to solicit for donations quite yet. Officers of the new group include Collyne Peek, secretary; Cheryl Eniero, vice president; Kari Strickland, treasurer; Coby Ringulat, cameraman and driver; Spencer and Tanner Strickland, logistics.

For more information call Hartnell at 541-417-2644.

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