Next generation returns to family business

A new generation of the Hall family is ready to take over Hall Motor Company; Kasey Clemens, l-r, Kati Clemens, Sam Bogart, and Dan Hall.

With retirement in their future Patsy and Jeff Hall are considering the younger generation of the Hall family taking over Hall Motor Company, who all enthusiastically jumped on board.

Kati Clemens and her spouse Kasey Clemens, along with her brother Dan Hall and Sam Bogart, who are engaged to get married; jumped on board when their mom and dad asked them if they would be interested in taking over the family business. While the process of taking over will take a couple of years, already the new generation is involved in the business and working in different departments learning how each area of the dealerships work.

Kati and Kasey spent time moving around from city-to-city as Kasey’s job as a construction manager often lacked stability.

“We are not city folk, and his (Kasey’s) job was not stable,” said Kati. “We wanted the small-town lifestyle where we can hunt, fish and ski.”

Dan and Sam came from urban areas as well, with Sam living in Portland. While it has been an adjustment for Sam getting used to living in a small town, she finds it nice and less stressful, especially since there is no longer a long commute and sitting in traffic for long stretches of time.

Dan, who was working as a helicopter pilot, was looking at settling down and marrying Sam, but his job kept him away from home over 250 days a year -- one of the reasons they jumped on the opportunity when his parents called about the opportunity. He plans to bring his helicopter to the Lakeview area at some point in the future.

Dan describes himself and his sister, Kati, as both having an entrepreneurial itch and getting into the automotive dealership business was one way of fulfilling it, more so than just continuing the family tradition.

They are already thinking about what they would do when they take full control of the two dealerships. One of those ideas is incorporating technology, especially the use of social media and expanding their outreach to reach more consumers across the region. They want to expand their message to people outside of Lakeview and promise to treat every customer and community they reach like family.

One area that might present a challenge is the electric car and truck market. With Ford requiring every dealership to have electric charging stations, everyone acknowledged that selling electric vehicles, even trucks, in Lake County will be difficult. They are excited about having the electric charging stations, as it will help drive tourists who have electric vehicles to visit Lakeview and Lake County, as right now there are no electric charging stations in the County. The closest charging stations currently are in Alturas, Calif., and Klamath Falls.

Currently Dan is focusing on parts and service, Sam on finance and sales, Kasey on inventory and Kati on accounting. All of them will learn how the other departments work as part of their cross-training, so if anyone is not at work they know what to do.

Hall Motor Company is located at 1700 N. 4th St., Lakeview. For more information call 541-947-3327.

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