Paisley Adventure offers bike repair, rentals

Paisley Adventure Owner Michael Norris stands in front of his business, which currently offers bicycle maintenance, repair and rentals, and will eventually expand to tours of the area.

Paisley Adventure is now open to provide bicycle maintenance, repairs and rentals to both locals and visitors to the area. Paisley resident Mike Norris said bicycling bicycle repair has been his hobby for years, and he is happy to be turning it into more of a business.

Norris moved to Paisley in 2010 to manage the PLAYA property. He subsequently began teaching wood shop at Paisley School, which he has continued to do. Norris said he and his wife liked the opportunities the small school offered for their daughter, and added that the scholarship opportunities for Lake County students are “outstanding.”

“I’ve always been into bikes and riding,” Norris shared. He started learning how to do his own bicycle repair work 20 to 25 years ago “because it can get a bit expensive” otherwise. Through Paisley Adventure, which he operates from his home, he hopes to impart his love of riding and the outdoors to others.

And the Paisley location is ideal because the Oregon Timber Trail and Oregon Desert Trail — both popular with mountain bikers — share a section right along the nearby Winter Rim. Norris has an outfitters permit which allows him to do some limited tour shuttling, so he can transport trail riders to and from town. Paisley Adventure also serves as a mailing point for people riding the trails to receive resupply packages.

“It’s nice to be available for the riders on the trail if they break down,” he said. His yard is also available informally for trail riders who need a spot to camp for the night. A work station is set up in the yard for people who wish to work on their bikes themselves.

In addition to his decades of self-taught repair skills, Norris also obtained a bicycle mechanic certification through United Bicycle Institute in Ashland. He and his daughter attended the two-week program together to celebrate her college graduation. She now works as a professional bicycle mechanic.

Norris said through doing repair work on his own bikes and completing repairs for others, he is able to keep busy and learn new things on each project — an aspect of the job he really enjoys. Doing his own work of the years also means he has built up great tool set, and he recently invested in a set of new tools as well.

Norris also designed and created his own website and logo for the business. “I’ve pretty much done everything,” he said.

Thom and Shelley Batty at Tall Town Bike and Camp in Lakeview were also a big help in getting Paisley Adventure going. Norris offers fat bike rentals — the bikes’ extra large tires allow them to float over softer surfaces like mud and sand, perfect for the desert — using bikes he purchased from Tall Town Bike and Camp. He expressed his appreciation for the Battys and the resource their shop is to the community.

Fat bikes can be rented from Paisley Adventure at $45 for four hours, or $55 for 24 hours.

Eventually, Norris plans to offer bicycle tours of the area. He is in the process of applying for public lands permits through the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to be able to conduct those tours legally. He explained that he is fully behind “doing the right thing” in that regard, and strongly believes in the principals both agencies support, like “leave no trace.” Bicycling automatically supports that philosophy, he added. The process to obtain the permits is a long one. With the Forest Service, he said, the best case scenario is a two-year timeline. He expects the permit process with BLM to be “a little quicker.”

Paisley Adventure is located at 668 Mill St. in Paisley and is open for bicycle repair Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call Norris at 541-576-4548.

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