Paisley AG Program revived

Eight Paisley students make up the AG program and work on planting and other various activities as the program was revived this year.

Paisley’s AG Program is being revived. 

Eight students at Paisley school are enrolled in the class that is being taught by Emma Shanahan. Shanahan’s background is in beef and cattle nutrition and she went to the administration seeking approval of an AG program. 

“I went to the administration and told them about my background and said that I thought we should bring the AG class back,” Shanahan said. 

The administration approved it and with eight students in the class, they have begun planting squash, tomatoes, peppers and more. While she was on maternity leave until November of last year, the students did a lot of book work, learning about the anatomy and doing other projects until she came back to work. 

“We’re trying to do some fun things now and get the students out in the greenhouse planting and doing other projects,” Shanahan said. 

With no set lesson plans to really base lessons off of, the students follow the curriculum set forth by Colorado State University. Shanahan is planning on taking a case for learning course this summer in Montana that encompasses AG, Natural Resource and Forestry class that will help cover the entire school year. 

The plan is to also plant some flowers in hopes to revive the plant sale, where members of the community come and buy the plants that the students have worked on. 

“Years ago, the students would put on a plant sale and members of the community would come and buy their plants,” Shanahan said. “There’s been some interest in that, but if not, we were going to go around to some of the elderly people in town and offer to plant their flowers in their flowerbeds.” 

There’s also a Paisley beef project that the students are doing. The students got a bull a few weeks ago donated to them by the 24 Ranch and named it Ferdinand the bull. The class will raise the calf and will come in to feed it, make sure it has water, etc. They built the bull’s pen out of various material that they found around the school. The class hopes to get one more calf and plans to donate the meat back to the breakfast and lunch program at Paisley school. 

“The students wrote up a proposal and a business plan and presented it to the administration,” Shanahan said. “We wrote a letter asking for a sponsor and the Leehmann’s had one that they graciously donated to us.” 

For more information, contact Paisley School at 541-943-3111.

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