Paisley speed trailer encourages drivers to slow down

Bob Davis, l-r, Commissioner Williams, Dan Maple, and Paisley Mayor Ralph Paull stand next to the speed trailer in Paisley.

A speed trailer has been temporarily placed in Paisley to make motorists aware of how fast they are driving and encourage them to slow down.

Commissioner James Williams noted that especially with people traveling from out of the area due to coronavirus, many people were driving too fast through the city’s residential neighborhoods. And with kids not in school and often playing outside, the danger is even greater than usual. Some people were observed driving at 60 miles per hour or more in a 25 mile per hour zone, Williams said.

Williams reached out to Dan Maple, who served as a reserve officer in Lake County for years, for some help resolving the issue.

Maple brought the speed trailer to Paisley from Christmas Valley with his own gas and on his own time, Williams said.

The trailer was placed in Paisley around July 23 and will remain there for approximately two weeks to a month, Williams noted.

He added that while he knows the trailer “doesn’t solve Paisley’s problems,” it has made a difference. Paisley Mayor Ralph Paull is very appreciative of the trailer and told Williams that it has helped to decrease drivers’ speeds.

“We want people to feel safe and don’t want to add to the stress people are feeling,” Williams said, explaining that stress due to COVID has been high enough without the added worry of people speeding through the small town and posing a danger to residents and children.

The city of Paisley is looking into obtaining its own permanent speed trailer, but as it would be a significant cost to the city, when that might happen remains to be seen.

Many Paisley resident have expressed the desire to see a greater law enforcement presence; bringing that presence about is also in the works.

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