Oregon Liquor Control Commissioner and General Manager of Sunriver Owners Association, Hugh Palcic, announced on Wednesday, Feb. 19, his candidacy for the Oregon State Senate District 28.

Palcic is running because he believes that the district is adrift and that its voice is not being heard in Salem. One of the reasons he has chosen to run is because of his track record of seeing projects through to completion.

Filing as a Democrat, Palcic believes will be a clear advantage for making the district’s case in Salem. Improving the regional economy, securing infrastructure projects, and developing affordable housing are all major focal points for Palcic.

Palcic believes that walking out an not negotiating is hurting the district from getting its fair share from Salem. He believes that less polarization and more effective representation is the answer.

Hugh Palcic has participated on numerous boards and commissions focused on improving the lives of Oregonians. Palcic currently serves as Commissioner on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, representing the OLCC East of the Cascades. In addition to his work on the OLCC, Palcic also serves on the Deschutes County Planning Commission as its most senior member. Palcic held the position of Vice President of the Bethlehem Inn Homeless Shelter Board. Working with the board, Palcic helped acquire the present day site of the shelter from Deschutes County.

Palcic holds a B.A. in Political Science from Marist College, N.Y. While there, he also earned an internship in the New York State Senate. Palcic is married to his wife, Lisa, of 27 years, and the couple have raised their two daughters, Hannah and Riley, in southern Deschutes County for the past 22 years.

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