It has been a busy year for Lakeview Public Works Department to both keep up with needed maintenance and upgrade infrastructure, but according to Public Works Director Jeff Marshall heading into the end of the year things are overall on track.

Weather’s mild fall and winter to date has allowed projects to be completed where Marshall had initial concerns, including the completion of paving work on Kadrmas Road in preparation of Red Rock Biofuel’s completion. The road’s completion should help expedite the construction process, which is on schedule to be completed by March.

The funding for road paving was provided through funds from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement program (CMAQ), which is a state fund to address air quality issues. According to Marshall, thanks to mild temperatures road crews were able to complete the paving project in only three weeks.

Currently crews are working through funds appropriated by Lakeview Town Council to conduct ditch cleaning to remove excessive vegetation and help with drainage. According to Marshall ditch work has already been completed on Roberta Avenue and Missouri Avenue, and crews as of last week were focusing on Bullard Creek and Deadman’s Creek to reduce vegetation growth.

Other work underway includes manholes and valves. Marshall also noted the recent acquisition of a one-ton pickup and snow plow to assist with clearing roads in adverse winter weather.

“If we do get a big snow storm we’re ready…within reason,” said Marshall. “We are following the county’s lead on plows, they primarily use pick-up truck plows for fast attack and outlying areas.”

Lakeview possesses two large plows as well, road graders built in 1971 and 1984. Recent discussions at Lakeview Town Council meetings have addressed the possibility of adding snowgates to the two plows, which would allow residents to park in driveways without being snowed in, but Marshall is concerned whether they would be usable with Lakeview’s aging plows.

For future projects, Marshall said that much of the focus heading into 2020 is predicated on securing funding for the Lakeview Water Master Plan. If funding is secured, it will be the primary focus of the department for next year – a massive upgrade to wells, water mains, and construction of a treatment facility to improve Lakeview’s much maligned water quality issues.

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