Lake County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant Thursday morning on a property north of Lakeview, resulting in what law enforcement believes may be the largest illegal marijuana grow facility seized in the history of Lake County.

The property had been under investigation after a confidential informant stepped forward, with a search warrant issued on Wednesday. Sheriff deputies, with assistance from Oregon State Police, arrested six people on site, with four other suspects being pursued at of the time of publication.

Officers discovered17 greenhouses on the property, a barn filled with plastic totes of marijuana, a large semi-truck trailer packed with marijuana trimmings, a trailer packed and ready for transport with marijuana-filled totes, and thousands of pounds of marijuana.

The total amount of marijuana seized and its approximate street value is still being calculated as of Thursday.

Department of Homeland Security officials are expected to arrive on scene Thursday afternoon to assist in the investigation.

“They had already harvested and packed marijuana in totes for transport,” said Lake County Sheriff Deputy Mike Patterson. “An anonymous tip was provided in May about the site, and we have been investigating it ever since. We don’t have a lot of grows here, little ones here and there, not big ones like this.”

According to Oregon State Police Sergeant Scott Hill, the approximate street value in Oregon is $1,000 per pound, but that number increases significantly if transported out-of-state.

“In Florida it might be as much as $4,000 a pound, it’s not the largest I have seen before, but this is probably the largest in Lake County,” said Hill. “This is 100% an illegal grow, we have no evidence of legality. It is not a medical grow or documented recreational grow.”

An approximate calculation of the amount of illegal marijuana seized and street value is expected form the Lake County Sheriff’s Office later today.

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