2020 Round-Up Court contestants

Three Lake County residents will be vying at the Lake County Round-Up Court tryouts on Sunday, Aug. 11 at the Lake County Fairgrounds. The three young women trying out include Victoria Alves, Harley Dick and Jessie Maita. 

Tryouts will take part in four parts, including a personal interview, a reining pattern on horseback, a flag and grand entry and answering an impromptu question. The public is welcome to watch the patterns at approximately 4 p.m. and listen to their answers. 

The Round-Up Court contest is open to all females ages 16-20 as of Jan. 1, 2019. 

The pair of girls, one being crowned queen and another princess will represent the Lake County Round-Up around the region. The duo will make appearances at rodeos, parades and various functions to help promote the Lake County Round-Up. 

For their services to the biggest event in Lake County, the queen will receive a $500 scholarship and the princess will receive a $250 scholarship . 

The 2020 Round-Up Court will be crowned on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 2 at the conclusion of the PRCA Rodeo during Fair and Round-Up Weekend. The pair will be taking place of the 2019 Round-Up Queen Alena Vickerman and Princess Becca Warner. 

For more information, contact Kirby Flynn at 541-207-4479.


Victoria Alves 


Victoria Alves, 18, is the daughter of Januari Callaway and Manuel Alves. Alves is a 2019 graduate of Lakeview High School. She has seven siblings and her favorite subject at LHS was science. Her horse’s name is Cash. Alves loves being outdoors, riding horses, helping others and is interested in the medical field. Her extracurricular activities include taking CPR class, assisting with the Oregon Outback Humane Society spay and neuter clinics and expanding her education by getting her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification. This is Alves second time trying out for the Lake County Rodeo Court. 

“I would love to represent Lake County due to it always being my home,” Alves said. “We have the most amazing views and folks. Our county is chuck full of history and unique stories that I would be honored to share with surrounding counties. Being able to represent the county that my family and I have always called home would be a dream.”

Jessie Maita 


Jessie Maita, 17, is the daughter of Zack Maita and Mary Kaaen. Maita is a senior at Lakeview High School and has two siblings; Dominic and Nicolas. Her favorite  subject at Lakeview High School is Medical Terminology and her horse’s name is Flex. This is her first time trying out for the Court and her hobbies are hunting, fishing and hiking. She also enjoys swimming and taking pictures. Maita’s main interest is becoming a nurse and learning about the human body. Her extra curricular activities include sports, more specifically basketball, soccer and track. 

“I’d love and be more than honored to represent Lake County and the Round-Up. Round-Up has been my favorite time of year since I was little,” Maita said. “I love Round-Up because it gives you a sense of togetherness that you don’t feel any other time of the year and it’s a feeling that you’ll never forget. Round-Up always brings family and friends to town that you haven’t seen for years. Also a very good example of how Lake County comes together to make something so great happen because it is mostly volunteer work. Lake County Round-Up will forever be my favorite time of the year. For these reasons I’d be greatly honored to have the opportunity to represent my community and the Lake County Round-Up.” 


Harley Dick


Harley Dick, 17, is the daughter of Paul and Jamie Houret and Darby and June Dick. Dick is a senior at Lakeview High School and has one sibling; Lanie, 15. Her horse’s name is Howdy and her favorite subject in school is English. This is her first time trying out for the Round-Up Court. Her hobbies include riding her horse, hunting, camping and spending time with family. She also enjoys listening to music and reading a good book. Her extracurricular activities include basketball, softball and FFA. 

“I would love to represent Lake County and its citizens because I was born and raised here having the opportunity to live both in town and out of town on a cattle ranch,” Dick said. “It would be an honor to be on this year’s court, to educate people about our Lake County Round-Up, the great Oregon Outback and about our amazing county and community of people helping and supporting each other. This is a place I am proud to call home.” 

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