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Various routes took riders through the trails of Lake County during the Tour de Outback on Saturday, June 22.

With the weather as a non-factor this year, the annual Tour de Outback ride was off and running/pedaling to the finish line.

The event took place on Saturday, June 22 bringing riders from as far as Sacramento to test their endurance and skills on the various 25 (intermediate), 65 (metric) and 90 mile (century) routes. 

After the Lake County Chamber of Commerce took over the event, the first order of business was changing the start date from the first weekend in August to June to hopefully avoid smoky skies that summer in Lake County sometimes brings. 

“We did it to avoid the wild fires,” said Chamber Dir. Jessica Bogardus. “It turned out really well.” 

Various time slots allowed runners and bikers participating in different events the chance to avoid other participants with the large group of them taking off from the Lake County Fairgrounds. 

After the course was complete, a shuttle bus was available to take individuals interested out to the Adel Store to enjoy an afternoon of live entertainment and food at the second annual MC Days.

Bogardus noted that, “quite a few” of the participants actually made their way out to the festivities.  

The routes allowed for various sights and experiences taking riders through the views of Lake County and Lakeview. 

For more information, visit, or contact the Chamber at 541-947-6040. 

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