Town Council votes to not open pool

Lakeview Town Council voted on Tuesday, May 12, to not open the Town Pool for the summer. Council member Niki Taylor was in favor of opening the pool, while Lakeview Mayor Ray Turner, Council member Scott Langum, and Council member Sandra Wenzel voted to not open the pool. Council member Darwin Johnson was not in attendance.

At the Lakeview Town Council meeting on Tuesday, May 12, the main topic of discussion was whether to open the pool for the season or not, along with discussions installing safety signs for students and surplus property no longer needed.

With the traditional pool opening just a few weeks away there was a uncertain vibe in the air, as this was the second time that the discussion had come up. Though at a previous meeting the decision was tabled to a later date, with the need to make a decision at the May meeting.

Council member Niki Taylor wanted to wait to consider opening the pool at a later summer date. She said that making a decision now would hamper the Town later if pools are allowed to open under Phase 2 of the reopening plan presented by Gov. Kate Brown. At this time criteria for Phase 2 has not been released by the Governor’s office.

“People are going to go to other places where pools are open. If the pool in Alturas is open then I am going to be taking my family there,” said Taylor. “Families will be looking for places to go. Even if it is just for a month.”

Taylor was hopeful that they might be able to have the pool open for at least a month.

At this time the Aluras, Calif., swimming pool is not yet open and at this time it is uncertain if they will open as the Red Cross is not currently conducting lifeguard certification.

“I think pools are not going to be allowed until Phase 3,” said Lakeview Mayor Ray Turner.

Which under Brown’s proposed guidelines might not happen until there is a vaccine, though her office did not respond to requests from comment by publication time.

According to Council member Scott Langum, the Red Cross is not holding lifeguard certification classes or any other type of classes right now. If instructors do hold classes there is the worry that the Red Cross could take away their license.

Even though Burns has not yet made a decision about their pool one of Taylor’s main worries is that families will go elsewhere to swim and enjoy time outside, instead of staying in Lakeview. While Turner did share some of those concerns, he thinks it is a matter of time before those pools decide not to open for the summer, with Klamath Falls Ella Redkey pool, working towards getting open and thinking that it might come in Phase 2. Though that would not happen until early June and might not be in Phase 2.

Lakeview Public Works Dir. Jeff Marshall said that with the pool closed for the summer they would have time to take care of a couple of maintenance projects as the Town waits to hear about the major grant for both the pool and the park which would dramatically change the appearance.

Marshall is confident that work can be completed on repainting the pool with a new coat of epoxy that will hold up better than the previous coat of epoxy paint.

Those that voted not to open the pool for the summer were Turner, Langum and Sandra Wenzel. Taylor voted to open the pool. Darwin Johnson was not in attendance.

Lakeview Town Mgr. Michele Parry updated the Council about possible grants. One of them would come from Motorola and would go towards upgrades for the 911 system.

The other was a Safe Routes to School grant, which would help to install flashing lights on south Third street, south I street and south H street. These lights would be powered by a combination of solar power and battery back up. Children walking to school would hit a button that would then flash to let drivers know that there is someone in the crosswalk.

Finally the Council voted to surplus Lakeview Town Police cars, a ladder truck and dump truck. All of which will be sold at auction at a future date.

Lakeview Town Hall is located at 525 N. 1st St, and can be reached at 541-947-2020.

Watch coverage of the Lakeview Town Council on the Lake County Examiner’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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