Town has major plans for park

Lakeview is competing for a $750,000 grant that would refurbished the Town park and pool.

Lakeview Town Mgr. Michele Parry has a big vision about transforming the Town Park, pool and McDonald Park with almost $900,000 worth of grants, with $750,000 of that going to rehab and updating the Town pool and park.

The $750,000 grant is a Local Government Grant, using money from lottery dollars, with the maximum allowed being $750,000. The money would be used to totally transform the park and pool if Lakeview wins this highly competitive grant. At their meeting on Tuesday, April 28, the Lakeview Town Council authorized Parry to submit the grant application.

One of the first things that the Town would do is rehab all the sidewalks around the park, making them ADA accessible. The sidewalk that borders Bullard Creek Canyon Road would be smaller width which would allow the creation of 10 parking spots. Also the drop off area would be reconfigured and made easier to identify.

Half of the tennis court would be converted into a skate park, for kids enjoy their skateboards and roller skates. The other half would be a basketball court, using VersaCourt, which is designed for outdoor courts that interlocks to create a seamless playing surface. It also would not be as hard on the body as concrete, but also easier to maintain rather than concrete that can crack and break. One item Parry is happy about with the possible new basketball court, is it would be the first one in Lakeview open to the public. Part of the rehabbing also includes new landscaping, irrigation, and lights.

Parry and Public Works Dir. Jeff Marshall would be thrilled to get new benches and picnic tables for the park, to replace the current ones. The benches would be considered age appropriate, for those that are older and might have trouble getting up out of the current benches. The new benches would be made out of stainless steel and feature three rails, with one down the middle, making it easier for those with mobility issues to get in and out.

Parry is even more excited about the possible changes to the Town pool with the money. She had a chance to walk around the building and the grounds and saw that it needs major repair for outdated piping, electrical and overall curb appeal.

“This will be a really aggressive project, but it will also lead to job creation, and due to the nature of the grant it will require all hands on deck to see it through to completion,” Parry said.

She wants to place an awning on the front entryway to create a colorful shade area, and something nice for the people to walk down. To make the community feel involved she plans to hold a fundraiser for people to buy tiles in their personal or business name. These tiles would be lined up along the front entryway.

Also part of the overall rehab, and making it appeal to visitors and locals alike, is adding new decking. This would add a splash of color compared to the gray industrial concrete. Also she plans to add shade coverings along the southern edge and near the new splash pad zone, allowing people to relax in the shade and not to get roasted in the hot sun. Near the kids pool she plans to add a splash pad for kids to play in with different type of toys and other implements to add a bit of fun time.

Also improvements would be made in the changing rooms, and how people enter into the pool. This would include upgrades to the existing infrastructure and rearranging of equipment and the entryway.

While the Town will not find out until mid-summer if they have won, it is unknown how much Oregon Parks and Recreation might require that work to be done in stages. If Parry is successful work has to be completed by May 31, 2021. Last year Oregon Parks and Recreation awarded approximately a dozen of these large grants to communities all over Oregon.

“I see something amazing here, I want people to come and stay downtown and have some fun, go to restaurants and bars after having a nice time hanging out at the pool and park. I believe this will help to revitalize downtown Lakeview,” Parry said.

For more information contact Lakeview Town Hall at 541-947-2020.

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