Volunteers work on trail impacted by fire

Volunteers worked on the Oregon Timber Trail near the Watson Creek fire burn area. They worked on rerouting the trail and other improvements.

Even though COVID canceled most of their work parties for the year, the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance was able to get one work party in this year in Lake County near where the Watson Creek Fire burned through in 2018.

Gabriel Tiller, executive director of the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance, said that the work is part of a match for the grant that they received through the recreational trails program in Oregon. The total grant was for $150,000 to work on re-routing part of the trail around the area that burned in 2018. Tiller said that the match made by the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance was not through dollars, but through the use of volunteer labor to work on part of the trail. For steeper portions that are being improved the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance hired a trail builder.

This year’s work party was a three-day affair from Oct. 16 through Oct. 18; Tiller said that many work parties are multiple days due to the remoteness of the trail and many people who volunteer are from the western part of Oregon.

Normally the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance holds work parties throughout the summer along the entire length of the trail, but when COVID shut down many recreational sites and other facilities, the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance decided not to have any work parties this year. The work in Lake County was the exception to meet the grant requirements.

For the rest of the story pick up the Nov. 4 edition of the Lake County Examiner.

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