Work slows down at Red Rock

Because of social distancing measures, work at Red Rock Biofeuls plant has slowed down. It was scheduled to be completed in August, though that date has now been changed. People in the training program are not doing it online from home.

Construction, and training, at Red Rock Biofuels has slowed due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

While construction is still continuing at the plant on the south side of Lakeview, work has slowed according to Plant Mgr. Joaquin Morales.

Morales said that COVID-19 is affecting everyone and is slowing progress. This includes deliveries from suppliers which are taking longer to arrive because of having staff issues to complete orders and maintaining social distancing rules. Also at the construction site Red Rock has implemented six foot social distancing rules for all workers.

One of the areas that has been impacted is the Red Rock training facility, that is located in downtown Lakeview. It had over 30 people training together in groups on the Red Rock plant and getting ready to learn to operate the plant once it went live, but with rules in place limiting the number of people that can be together, those in training have been sent home. They are continuing training, but will now do so from their home via videos and other distance learning applications.

Despite these issues work continues at the Red Rock site, with cleaning everyday of high touch areas by the crew. Also in an effort to support businesses in the area Red Rock is buying lunch from a rotation of restaurants everyday around town, making sure that they get supported during this time when revenue might be down.

Scheduled to be completed in August and up and running, Red Rock’s completion date has been pushed back to an undetermined point in the future. Once social distancing rules are relaxed, and suppliers can ramp up their production, Morales is hopeful that work at Red Rock can pick up once more.

For more information contact the Red Rock Lakeview office at 541-631-6200.

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