Martin L. Buchanan

Martin L. Buchanan

Local columnist

Senator Cynthia Lummis made her first serious error before taking the oath of office, joining with 10 other new senators in challenging the 2020 election results already certified in the Electoral College. Senator Lummis made that challenge based on “allegations” of election fraud. What are the facts?

Biden received 7 million more votes than Trump, 51.31% to 46.86%, a margin of more than four percentage points. In the Electoral College, Biden received 306 electoral votes, nearly 57%; Trump received 232 electoral votes, about 43%, a nearly 14% margin. Trump called that same margin a “landslide” in the 2016 campaign.

Could fraud have tipped the results? In 2020 the Florida election was contested for weeks and that one state decided the outcome, by a margin of 537 votes. That example raises a legitimate question: were the 2020 election results so close that they could have been manipulated?

Trump supporters contested the results in states won by Biden with these margins of victory: 10,457 (Arizona), 11,779 (Georgia), 154,188 (Michigan), 33,596 (Nevada), 80,555 (Pennsylvania), and 20,682 (Wisconsin). Compared to the Florida 2000 election, none of these states is nearly as close. Unlike the 2000 election, Trump would need to overturn election results in three or more states to win.

And they have tried. Eighty-six judges, many appointed by Trump, have rejected more than 50 election lawsuits by Trump supporters, because those lawsuits have neither facts nor law to support them. Trump has made a nonstop stream of false allegations of fraud, leading to many threats of violence against election officials and workers.

Notably, Trump spent an hour attacking and threatening the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia because he would not overturn election results, certified after three vote counts that all produced the same outcome. In that call Trump violated multiple Georgia and federal criminal statutes.

Those Georgia threats could be a good reason for Senator Lummis to rethink her position. Will she be an unindicted co-conspirator of the Criminal-in-Chief, or will she stand with our Constitution and with honorable men and women for the clear and honest election results?

Martin Buchanan is a Laramie resident and occasional contributor to the Boomerang.

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