After the game, Rick Stupak and Kaden Greenfield get a picture together for the last time on the gridiron as coach and player.

Kaden Greenfield, a Lakeview High School class of 2019 graduate represented Lake County well as he took part in the annual Oregon All Star East vs. West Football game on Saturday, Aug. 3 in Baker City at Baker Bulldog Memorial Stadium. 

Players have to excel in the sport and be nominated by their football coach. Greenfield represented Lakeview on the east squad, where he was re-united with defensive coordinator and now Lakeview head coach Rick Stupak. Jace Brazeal and Nolan Petersen were also selected to play (Petersen as an alternate) but neither could play due to other commitments. 

Greenfield said he was up there for about 10 days and they hung out in the dorm rooms at Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and went through practices. He just played defense this time around, which was a change from high school where he played offense and defense. 

“Playing just one position was nice,” Kaden said with a laugh. “Also having Coach Stupak as my defensive coordinator was great because I already knew everything.”

One of the more memorable experiences was visiting the Shriner Hospital in Portland, where they got a tour of the hospital and had the opportunity to say hi to some of the patients there. 

The Shriner’s Hospital in Portland was founded in 1922 and helps children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate. Players had the opportunity to meet with children at the hospital. 

Playing in the game was a great experience, as Kaden had the opportunity to reunite with teammates that he played against throughout his high school career. 

“We got really close and bonded throughout the week and a half we were there,” he said. 

His parents and sister had the opportunity to spend time together while up there, attending a BBQ the night before the game. The whole experience was something to remember, as he also got to share the experience with his dad Shawn, who played in the Shriner’s game 30 years ago. 

“My dad told me that this was just another game and to go out and live in the moment,” he said.

Walking down the streets in Baker City, each of the businesses had the name and picture of each person playing in the game. 

While the east squad lost by 30 points, Greenfield said the defense did its job, forcing four turnovers, but the offense couldn’t gain any momentum.

“They couldn’t move the ball, because I wasn’t playing offense,” he joked.   

For the game, Kaden played both inside and outside linebacker and had a tackle for a loss and a fumble recovery.  At the end of the game, he did get to keep his jersey and his helmet.

“I almost took the fumble to the end zone, but the running back grabbed my arm and pulled me down,” he said. “Overall, I had a really fun time and it was such an unforgettable experience. Just being there and getting to be on TV and knowing it was for a good cause, was really cool.” 

Greenfield will be attending Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton this fall and will compete on the rodeo team. 

Locals Ann and Frank Logan’s grand son Tyee Fisher of Taft High School played on the west team. Logans also attended the game.

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