12-04 Lucky Buck

John Havel, l-r, and Theresa Albaugh, standing in for her husband Mark Albaugh, winners of the annual Les Schwab Lucky Buck competition, stand with their new bow and rifle alongside Les Schwab Mgr. Kerry Rucker.

Les Schwab in Lakeview has been holding a hunting contest called the Lucky Buck contest for many years, providing prizes annually to entries of bucks claimed during hunting season in an effort to support hunting in the region.

Each year a new bow and rifle are awarded to the best bucks reported killed by bow and rifle hunters. This year’s winners are John Havel, winner of the bow competition, and Mark Albaugh, who claimed the rifle prize.

Havel has been entering the contest for the past 15 years, this is the first year that he has won the contest. “I am extremely excited on winning the bow,” said Havel.

Havel won an Infinite Edge Pro compound bow, and he plans to perfect it by the time next hunting season rolls around. Havel got his buck on the South Warner Unit using a Hoyt bow. His buck was a heavy horned 3x3, weighing around 200 lbs.

Albaugh found his buck on his ranch about 10 miles south of Lakeview. According to Albaugh, there were not as many bucks in the field this year eating grass and hay. This is the fifth year that Albaugh has entered the contest, and the first time he has won.

Albaugh won a Savage 6.5 Creedmoor bolt-action rifle. He used a .243 Winchester to get his buck. His buck was a 4x5, weighing around 270 pounds.

According to Les Schwab Mgr. Kerry Rucker, overall there were four bow entries and 20 rifle entries this year for the Lucky Buck Contest. Les Schwab plans to continue the contest next year during hunting season.

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