LHS girls basketball coach out

LHS girls varsity basketball head coach Lori Batterman will not be returning next season, she is here with Murphy Cockrell, her assistant coach.

Lakeview High School girls varsity basketball coach Lori Batterman will not be returning to coach the Lady Honkers next season as she felt a bit let down by the administration.

In her annual review with LHS Athletic Dir. Christopher Rose they discussed the season. Batterman felt that the season went better than expected. Several of the players suffered from injuries, one of them season ending, and the flu went through the team knocking players out for multiple games. They were still able to make the state playoffs, though they lost in the first round.

During Batterman’s end of season evaluation, Rose allegedly said that the incoming Lake County School District #7 Supt. Michael Carter wanted the coaching positions to be open and for all coaches to reapply, in an effort to show who still wants to remain as coaches. Batterman did not have an issue with that process believing that all positions were opening. When she checked the district website she noticed that only a few positions were open, not all of them, as she was lead to believe by Rose.

Batterman then texted Rose again to ask if there was an issue, and according to Batterman, Rose told her that there had been a lot of interest in the position. He also told her that a couple of retired coaches have commented and complained about Batterman’s practice, rotation and style. When she asked who those people were, he declined to provide names telling Batterman that the information was above his pay grade. Other then some inquiries about playing time, no retired or former LHS girls varsity basketball coaches approached Batterman to talk to her about rotation, practices, or other complaints.

“It caught me off guard, I felt really supported the past couple of years from the administration. I felt blindsided,” said Batterman. “They would not have opened the position if they did not already have an idea of who they wanted.”

Batterman was excited for the upcoming year, and felt that with the current players and the younger players gaining more experience, the Lady Honkers would have an excellent chance at making the state playoffs for the third straight year.

She wanted to coach this year and never told Rose that she did not want to coach in the upcoming basketball season, even if it might have looked different than previous years due to COVID.

She was thinking that this upcoming year was more than likely to be her final year, and was possibly thinking of working with LHS junior varsity girls basketball coach, and assistant coach for the varsity team. Murphy Cockrell is a great coach in her words. She wanted to make it work where he could get some experience as a varsity coach if he was interested in possibly moving up next year.

“I felt that we did a pretty darn good job this past season with the injuries and illness that we suffered throughout the season. I feel that did not warrant them not wanting me back,” said Batterman.

Batterman would not speculate on who she thought the administration was considering as the girls varsity basketball coach. Even though the school did not officially let her go, she has decided not to reapply under these conditions.

Currently on the LCSD#7 website has only a few coaching positions open. Carter said that he did not request that all coaching positions be open and that he is looking for the best coaches for his players. In a written statement, Lakeview High School Prin. Lane Stratton wrote “Lakeview High School administration has made the decision to not renew Coach Batterman as the 2020-21 head girls basketball coach. It is important that we make sure that our student athletes at LHS have the best opportunities and experiences in their athletic careers. Batterman was invited to re-apply.”

For more information call 541-947-2287.

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