S3DA archery team competes against other teams

Members of the Eastern Desert Archers, the local Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) team, at the S3DA event in Bend on Saturday, Feb. 15; back row, Anthony Cardoza, l-r, Clyde Mobley, and Rebecca Lucas; Front row: Skylar Delarm, l-r, and Emilia Swartz.

Craig Delarm, owner of Fletch-N-Strings in Paisley, started in late 2019 a Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) team made up of two kids from Paisley and four from Lakeview; they have competed in two events before all events were suspended because of COVID-19.

The team is made up of Emilia Swartz, Skylar Delarm, Rebecca Lucas, Clyde Mobley, Madison Wells and Anthony Cardoza. S3DA events are held both virtually, in which competitors compete at their home range and then submit their scores, or in-person events.

So far the local S3DA team, called the Eastern Desert Archers, has competed in a virtual event against other competitors across the state of Oregon which lasted from Jan. 14 – March 12, that is when clubs had to compete virtually against each other and the time they had to submit their scores by. The Eastern Desert Archers used the indoor range in Lakeview as their home court. For the virtual tournament archers shot at a paper target at ranges determined by their age, they each had five arrows per a round for six rounds, and could score 0-5 points per an arrow.

Cardoza received first out of 111 competitors in the recurve bow category. Swartz, using a hunter compound bow, got sixth out of eight. Skylar Delarm, using a bow hunter compound earned eighth out of eight, but she only had two weeks of practice before the competition. Mobley, in the open male division, got second out of five. Lucas, in the open female division, received third out of four. Cardoza, Mobley and Lucas earned plaques.

Next up the team traveled to Bend where they competed against 70 other youths from across the state, shooting indoors at paper targets on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Skylar Delarm and Mobley did not place in the competition. Cardoza placed second out of two in his recurve bow category. Swartz was third out of nine in her hunter bow compound category. Lucas placed second out of 18 competitors in the open female division. Those three won plaques in their category.

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