After a nearly year-long delay, work will begin in early May on the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) ADA sidewalk ramp compliance project, with work expected to last through October.

The project is part of a statewide effort by ODOT to replace all non-ADA compliant sidewalk ramps in the state after the department settled a lawsuit in 2018, which was filed by disability advocates in 2016. The lawsuit alleged that the sidewalk ramps under ODOT’s control were not ADA-compliant. Under the terms of the settlement, ODOT will replace all non-ADA compliant sidewalk ramps in Oregon, which is about 97% of the sidewalk ramps along state highways.

In 2019 the department began design work on the project and selected Lakeview as one of the first locations for work to be completed for a couple of reasons. Lakeview has a smaller number of sidewalk ramps which need to be replaced compared to other communities and it would allow ODOT to work out any issues with the process before it is rolled out to larger communities.

Under the project only the ramp portions, including driveway entrances into businesses, will be replaced; other portions of the sidewalk will not be repaired as they are the responsibility of property owners.

Work was scheduled to begin in 2020, but was delayed due to COVID impacting many construction projects across Oregon and right-of-way issues ODOT was not anticipating.

In a meeting with the Lakeview Town Council on June 23, 2020, ODOT representatives and representatives from consultant David Evans and Associates said work on the project would begin in 2021 and last through the summer and into the fall. They said a couple of design issues had come up, along with right-of-way issues which needed to be resolved.

One intersection, where Hwy 395 meets Hwy 140, has been a design issue for ODOT as it features multiple intersections. Also discovered was that the right-of-way needed to be changed due to inadequate room as in many cases the sidewalk ramps went right to the edge of the building. ODOT said there might be the need to close some streets for a day or so, but that will be left to the contractor to notify the Lakeview Public Work Department.

In the first part of the project, contractor Marcum & Sons LLC will begin work in the first week of May on several sidewalk ramps on the north side of Lakeview.

This includes two sidewalk ramps in the area of the Hwy 395 and 140 intersection — on the east side of the Chevron gas station and the Dollar General — plus work on several intersections on Hwy 140 heading west. Work will also be on Hwy 395 heading north, on the north side of the Fremont Lodge and the intersection of Hwy 395 and north H street in Lakeview.

On Hwy 140, crews from ODOT and Marcum & Sons LLC have sketched the area the new sidewalk ramp will cover. In many cases the ramp will go out into the street from six inches to one foot. Each sidewalk ramp will be different, and not all of them have been drawn out.

Work on these ramps is expected to last through the month of May, with work on the other areas, 26 intersections in all, taking place during the rest of the year.

For more information contact ODOT at 888-275-6368.

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