Monday, Aug. 16 — Deputies attempted a traffic stop on a blue and black motorcycle driving on Hwy 140 with no lighting. The motorcycle failed to yield and eluded deputies. The investigation revealed the motorcycle was stolen and it was recovered later the same day. The investigation is ongoing.

Monday, Aug. 16 — Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a theft of a firearm in Lakeview. The victim believes a former roommate is the suspect. The case is under investigation.

Wednesday, Aug. 18 — Deputies responded to a report of a small child wandering in the 1200 block of north Third street in Lakeview. The child was returned to the parents. The case has been referred to the Department of Human Services.

Friday, Aug. 20 — Deputies arrested Lori Walker at her residence in Christmas Valley on a Washington County warrant. Walker was booked into the Lake County Jail.

Saturday, Aug. 21 — Deputies responded to a report of two ranchers having a dispute over a fence at 12971 Hwy 395 in Lakeview. The investigation revealed that a fence and lock to one rancher’s property was continuously cute, allowing the other rancher’s cattle to access the property for water. The dispute has been ongoing for some time. The incident was documented and forwarded to the DA’s Office for review.

Sunday, Aug. 22 — Deputies observed a Dodge truck driving on south H street in Lakeview. The vehicle was the same vehicle previously stopped earlier in the evening. The deputies knew the vehicle to be unregistered and uninsured, and conduct a traffic stop. The driver was issued three citations: driving while license suspended, driving uninsured and unregistered. The vehicle was impounded.

Sunday, Aug. 22 — Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a white Kia Sorrento for failing to maintain its line in the 1200 block of south E street in Lakeview. The driver failed to yield to the deputies from approximately 10 blocks. The vehicle became disabled when it hit a curb on south 9th street and blew a tire. The vehicle eventually came to a stop on Stock Drive. The investigation revealed that a 13-year-old female had taken her mother’s vehicle without permission and failed to yield to deputies. The juvenile was arrested and turned over to the Juvenile Probation Department. The vehicle was towed by Dieter’s Towing.

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