I am sure most everyone is ready for our 2020 election. The main question I asked people is what do you like? Do you like freedom, or to be controlled by everything we do? We have freedom in our country most other countries don’t. Don’t be fooled. A democratic socialist, is no different than communism. The democrats are screaming free college, welfare, open boarders, no guns, etc. Have they heard of corona virus and others? I think wed all do better if they put the death penalty on illegal drugs and the ones who are pushing them here and abroad, across our boarders. It’s time to put our people first, look at the homeless problem, most of that is by choice. There are lots of people in need, and deserve help also. Illegal’s get more help than these people, Thanks to democrats at the top at least president Trump is working on doing something about all these problems. What credits, do the do nothing demos get done and never have before? Drain the swamps and get real workers, not promises up there in our offices. Jobs are out there, for those who pass the drug test and want to work. Thanks to president Trump! Please read your constitution and learn what we really like. Also whose paying for all those freebies the demos are pushing at us ?!? You and Me!


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