Dear Friends; it’s time to act! Our very lives are at stake. We have to stand up and defend our beliefs and freedoms. If we don’t, can you imagine what American life will be like? No police force, no guns or ammo, no religion of choice, high taxes on the few working class, no education of your choice, etc. etc.

Speak out and defend what is ours. Tell your friends and families. Act out and don’t be offended by the Communist (Socialist Party). Antifa is Communist. No authority is their game.

The news media in general is bought off by these Socialist Party People. Few tell the whole truth; OANN and Fox are good. Democrats are all paid off by the Communist Party leaders. Follow the money, and who pays for it, to find out who’s really ruling your elected officials.

Who’s teaching our kids in school, or colleges? Many educators are pushing socialism (Communism). When I say stand up and defend our way of life, I mean it, they are trying to overthrow it at any cost. COVID-19 is just one to bring us down. Our economy has badly been affected by it. Political correctness is another. Fight back now.


Donna Veerkamp


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