It is with mixed emotions that I write my farewell as the general manager of the Lake County Examiner.

For over 37 years I have worked at the Lake County Examiner as the general manager and advertising manager and at times the managing editor. I am proud to have been a part of this 141-year-old newspaper. Throughout the years I have done almost every job necessary within the business: tearsheet girl, advertising, reporting, production, billing, even cleaning the bathroom and have overseen the many products’ production. I have truly operated the Examiner as if I owned it and poured my heart and soul into its success.

I have been a part of the change in production from Linotype to computers to outsourcing in both editorial and advertising; and the upstart of digital. What a wild ride.

Through the years of many newspapers closing their doors, the LCE has tried to be progressive with the onset of the Lakeview‘s Low Down, digital Flash and Hot Spot. We are still a strong and viable business, and look forward to serving Lake County for many years to come.

Having the opportunity to work in such a small community is rewarding and rare. Being able to highlight the amazing work of my fellow community members on a weekly basis, while also feeling the positive impact of these changes, is a very special thing.

However, this tight knit community experience didn’t come without its own set of challenges and occasional negative feedback. Although I may not have always made the right decision in the editorial department, I always tried to be consistent and treat everyone the same – whether acquainted or not. Regardless of the rewards and challenges the support for the LCE to always succeed is due to its strong group of subscribers. You’re all our backbone and helped the LCE move in a positive direction!

In addition to working with the general public, I have had the opportunity to work with many advertisers over the years and truly enjoyed the vast majority of it all. I am an idea person so working to create ad campaigns and marketing has always been what I love.

I’d like to give a special thank you to all business owners in Lake County who have allowed me to assist them with their advertising and marketing needs.

I’d also like to take time to recognize my management teams. Pioneer Newspaper and now Adams Publishing Company (APG) have afforded me the ability to operate for the most part as I have seen fit and have been extremely supportive. My current boss, Mark Dobie, publisher of Klamath Publishing, which oversees the Herald and News, Lake County Examiner and The Nickel and owned by APG, is a great guy. He is very intelligent and a wonderful boss who I greatly admire. He’s right up there with Jim Allen of Klamath Falls, who named me the GM of the Examiner back in 1984. (I had worked for Jim for 6.5 years before coming to the Examiner from the Herald and News.) Thank you for your support and friendship over the years.

Though I will no longer be leading the charge at the LCE, I am confident in the great group of folks and know they will take the business into the future with new ideas and reporting. Danielle Jester is young and capable — basically the same age I was when I took the helm. In her short time in Lakeview she has already developed attachments to the area and a desire to continue the Examiner‘s success and place in the community.

Office Mgr. Charley Tracy knows the business side of things and can be counted on to continue her excellence. New Advertising Mgr. Katelynn Turkle is new to the industry but is enthusiastic about her new role. She is smart and ready for the challenge and I look forward to watching her excel. Teresa Poland, a LCE returnee is strong in helping to meet the special edition advertising needs.

Although Kevin Winter will be leaving later this summer, he has proven to be a reporter who is up on the area’s news and will be missed. And Paul Raines, who has worked for the Examiner off and on over the past 25 years is extremely creative and is a wonderful asset to graphic creations and production. All in all, the Lake County Examiner is in good hands.

As my journalism career of 43.5 years draws to a close, I simply want to say thank you, I’ll miss you all!

-Tillie Flynn

General Manager

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